Texter To my dear dear friend
If you ever change your mind
Shameful behavior
The meaning of life
To my dear dear friend
A small forest lake
Way up north
Barn doors
How about you?
Give love a chance
The sun is golden
No shelter in sight
The strangest little fear
On a losing streak
Talk to me
Just like Tokyo
You and I together
We can't win
Bad city blues
Chasing ghosts
A great big lie
I am always on your side, even when I know you're wrong
Cause to me you're always right, yeah to me you're always right

I am stupid I am blind, but everytime that you are here
I see clear, my dreams are all about this but it's hard to just leave it all behind

I hope I live to see the day when the two of us are old
Do you think that in forty years we'll meet and talk about how we found all that we were looking for

Come back come back, come back come back
Come back come back, come back come back

When winter reappears, you will disappear againg
And I, I believe that it's my biggest fear, you know I'll miss you my dear dear friend

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