Texter Shameful behavior
If you ever change your mind
Shameful behavior
The meaning of life
To my dear dear friend
A small forest lake
Way up north
Barn doors
How about you?
Give love a chance
The sun is golden
No shelter in sight
The strangest little fear
On a losing streak
Talk to me
Just like Tokyo
You and I together
We can't win
Bad city blues
Chasing ghosts
A great big lie
The natives of our country are treated like dirt, and deprived of the rights they were given from birth
And a change is nowhere to be seen, as the government's unable to appriciate their worth
It's shameful behavior, shameful behavior

Global corporations with profit on their minds, don't care for mother nature they don't care for human rights
One day they gonna pay for what they've done, 'cause in the end you'll never get away with that kind of
Shameful behavior, shameful behavior

When politicians tells us that it has to be an end, to fugitives who come to take advantage of our land
I just sigh and I hide my head, 'cause when politicians talk like that it's nothing other than
Shameful behavior, shameful behavior

We all have an important part to play, in the making of this world in to a better place
Search your heart and bare in mind, to see all this injustice and just look the other way is
Shameful behavior, shameful behavior
Shameful behavior, shameful behavior

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