Texter Just like Tokyo
If you ever change your mind
Shameful behavior
The meaning of life
To my dear dear friend
A small forest lake
Way up north
Barn doors
How about you?
Give love a chance
The sun is golden
No shelter in sight
The strangest little fear
On a losing streak
Talk to me
Just like Tokyo
You and I together
We can't win
Bad city blues
Chasing ghosts
A great big lie
Oh now what do you know, this town is just like Tokyo
No no no no I'm never leaving
And I guess it's a fact that I moved away but I hurried back
My soul was never leaving
The years keep rolling by
T ime flies, time flies

Oh the summernights, the way we walk and the way we talk
Days passing by and we're never leaving
And I just can't figure this out, why would a girl like you need a boy like me?
Why, why, why, why, why are'nt you leaving?
The years keep rolling by
Time flies, time flies

The years keep rollig by
I keep living in denial
Cause every single morning when I wake up I think that I don't wanna be a part of this
Every single day I dream of leaving

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