It all started back in 2010 when John Andersson stepped in to the café where i work and asked me if I wanted to start a band. We did'nt really know each other then but we were acquaintances, like you are with a lot of people when you live in a small town. The band we started only lasted for two years, but we had immediately noticed that there was musical connection between the two of us so after a couple of months we decided to try again, this time as a duo. As the first band got lost in an extended recording we were eager to record an album as soon as possible. Vi contacted our friend Jonas Eriksson och decided to record with him. The keyword for the recording was going to be "feeling".

Our debut album "The great escape" was recorded during 9 days in January 2015 and was released may 27 2015 on Rootsy. A summer filled with gigs followed and in august we went in to a big barn next to Johns house to record the sequel to "The great escape". This time it also took 9 days but now we did everything ourselves. After a gig at Live at heart in Örebro we got the chance to join American singer/songwriter Joe Pug on his tour in Sweden and Norway. In the end we did 22 gigs on 27 days. Matt Schuessler, The bass player in Joe's band, liked what he heard when we played him the songs from our new album and offered to mix the album.

In february 2016 the new album was finished and the release date was set to may 20. Three opening gigs for Doug Seegers followed and on march 18 "Shameful behavior", the first single from the new album, was released. On may 6 the second single called "Way up north" saw the light of day and just two weeks later the album "No shelter in sight" was released. This time as well on Rootsy. We love our band and we love the fact that this is just the beginning of our musical journey together.

/Josef Eriksson, Northern Indians

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